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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is this a range where we can use rifles and pistols?

NO, this is a shotgun range only

Is this club open to the public?

YES, but we do offer memberships that give you discounts; see the “membership fees” page

Do you allow people who have never shot a gun to come to your club?

YES, we encourage it. We will assist you in getting comfortable with handling a shotgun, safety and accuracy

Am I allowed to bring my minor children?

YES, the entire family is welcome weather they shoot or not, we only require that ear and eye protection be used for everyone

Are my minor children allowed to shoot?

YES, under your supervision. If you feel uneasy with that, our staff can assist you with your children and review gun safety.

Am I allowed to bring my own shotgun and shells?

YES, see our club rules in regards to the types and sizes of shotguns and shotgun shells that are allowed

Do I have to rent a cart in order to shoot the course?

NO, there are two courses; both courses are just over a mile round trip

Am I allowed to bring my own sporting clays/golf cart?

YES, you may bring the carts, gas or electric. We do not allow four-wheelers. We have a designated area for trailer parking.

Do you hold NSCA registered shoots?

YES, see our events page for those shoot dates.

If I am not a competitive shooter, can I participate in these NSCA registered shoots?

YES, we can sign you up with the NSCA the day of the shoot and walk you through the process and partner you with a seasoned shooter

If I wanted to hold a charity shoot, team building event or corporate event can the event be held at this club?

YES, we have an 80’ X 40’ covered pavilion for your group and we will assist you in setting up your event if you want our help. Call our manager, Zac Fuesser, and ask for details

Do you have classes or instructors for the beginning shooters?

YES, at least once a month, we will be holding a “Women and Kids” clinic for beginners. This will be a free clinic and times and dates will be posted on our “EVENTS” page. There will also be clinics for those who have shot before but want to get better (there will be a small charge for this clinic) and we will have certified instructors available for the more experienced shooter.

Is there a minimum or maximum amount of shooting I have to do?

NO, you can shoot as little or as much as your shoulder can stand.

Is there a dress code?

SORT OF, we DO require you wear shirts, and we would PREFER closed toed shoes, such as an athletic shoe.

Are you open when it is raining?

YES, believe it or not, people do shoot in the rain – mostly duck hunters. We will ask you to come off of the course if there is lightning in the area. After the lightning has cleared you can resume shooting

Am I allowed to bring food to the club?

YES, bring your lunch and enjoy it in our enclosed pavilion

Am I allowed to bring a cooler with drinks?

YES, but no alcoholic beverages are allowed